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Updated 8-26-22
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Meyer E-60 related Service Bulletins

December 2012 15967 PA Block Replacement Kit     (PA Block 16016) SB 240
January 2004 E-60 LIFT RAM/OPERATING PRESSURE UPDATE (Cylinder Update Kit) SB 201
March 2003 E-60 MOTOR REPLACEMENT  (2 Lug Motor) SB 182 R1
June 1999 ON/OFF SWITCH 22154 TOUCH PAD SB 168
November 1995 22125 TOUCH PAD ROUND PLUG TO SQUARE - 08675 KIT (22154) SB 158 R
April 2003 22154 TOUCH PAD - 08808 MEMBRANE PAD REPLACEMENT SB 198
January 1994 MOTOR DRAIN PLUGS SB 156

2-4-18 VIDEO - Where to add fluid to your Meyer E-60 Quik Lift, how to change the fluid in your Meyer E-60 Quik Lift.

7-16-16 is our newest site. Hopefully it will be an index of sorts for the info that is spread over all of our Meyer Plow web sites. It will also be a place where visitors can help each other with finding a fix for the particular problem they are having with their Meyer Plow.

E-60 - This was a totally new design in 1991. It is the "Quik Lift". It was the first time since the T Series Pumps that the motor was mounted horizontally. It was the fastest unit Meyer had made to date. The pump itself had a higher GPM flow than previous units, and the standard E-60 pump put out 2500PSI. It was set at 2500 PSI due to the small diameter of the lift piston on the end of the lift ram. The small surface area required 2500 PSI to lift the larger blades. The pump itself is capable of over 5000 PSI but the top cap of the unit will crack into pieces at approximately 3000 PSI. This is why it is VERY important to have the pump pressure set properly, with a pressure gauge. Also available as an E-60H model. The H stands for High Lift, it has a 2" longer stroke versus a standard model E-60. The E-60H utilized the same larger diameter lift piston as the E-47, so pressure was only set at 2000 PSI, which was capable of lifting the larger blades. It also meant less amp draw on the vehicle electrical system with the lower pressure setting. It also featured an adjustable drop speed for the first time. It was discontinued by Meyer Products a couple of years ago. Meyer will offer parts for about 10 years, I am sure the aftermarket will offer them for many more than that. The E-60 is a favorite with many Meyer owners because of its speed. The new E-58H that replaced it in the Meyer line up, and is just as fast, or even faster, and it too has adjustable drop speed.


To adjust the drop speed of the Meyer E-60, you remove the pipe plug on the front of the unit. You will need an 11/16" wrench or socket. Once removed, there is a set screw inside. You will need a 3/16" allen key or hex bit. Turn the screw in to slow down the drop speed, and loosen the set screw to increased the drop speed. Turn the adjusting screw 1/8th of a turn at a time. Be sure to screw the pipe plug back in each time you make an adjustment. IF you do NOT put the pipe plug back in, fluid will squirt out of the port when you drop the plow. To the right of the Drop Speed Adjusting Screw port, is a filter port. There is another filter port on the back of the unit.

NEW 7-14-17 Common Problems Found Rebuilding a Meyer E-60


                     Rebuilding A Meyer E-60 - Step By Step DVD


Rebuilding A Meyer E-60 - Step By Step DVD

We chose to put these videos on a DATA DVD. It MUST be played on a computer. It will not play in a conventional DVD player hooked up to a TV. The reason we chose this route is because at just over 5.5 hours in length, it would require 3 DVDs to fit it...


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Some information on the E-60 Cylinder Update Kit (Part# 08839) Video - Meyer E-60-Cylinder-Update-Kit

Three videos we put on YouTube to help you remove and replace the 15606 Crossover Relief Valve

Video - Removing the 15606 Crossover Relief Valve

Video - Assembling the 15606 Crossover Relief Valve

Video - Installing the 15606 Crossover Relief Valve

Stubborn Power Angle Block Bolts

Meyer E-60 Touchpad Controller wiring. 

Meyer E-60 Damage from Freezing

Removing Snapped off Meyer E-60 Motor Bolts

Rebuilding a Meyer E-60 Pump off eBay

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Buying a Used EZ Classic Plow - Tips

The importance of proper Couplers

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